Kaizu Osaki

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all keeping your spirits up as much as you can during this time of uncertainty.

This month’s video and blog are going to be a little bit different, as obviously I am limited in what I can do during this pandemic. But since we are all in desperate need of some beauty during these tough times, I did my best to get some good pictures/video footage of this year’s cherry blossoms, while at the same time taking as many safety precautions as possible. (Emilie was actually self-quarantining during the time we filmed this after traveling abroad. Send her your well-wishes! :D)

*Note: All pictures/video taken was either taken from the safety of the inside of a car, or from a distance of at least 2 meters from other people, while also wearing a mask. I am in no way encouraging others to go out, but am instead trying to allow people to enjoy Japan’s beauty from the comfort of their homes. This pictures and footage were also taken before Japan was declared under a state of emergency. Please stay home as much as possible and content yourself with online, virtual experiences.

For future reference for when this pandemic is over, this place is called Kaizu Osaki, and is located in the area of Makino in Takashima City, in northwestern Shiga Prefecture. Gorgeous cherry blossoms trees line the shore of Lake Biwa for several meters, contrasting the pretty pink and white petals with the deep blue of the lake, making it one of the most beautiful cherry blossom spots I have ever seen. The trees seemed to continue forever, even when we were driving in the car.

The lakeside area is a bit of a distance from the nearest station, but if you are up for the walk, get off at JR Makino Station, via the Kosei Line.
Buses and boats are also available in non-pandemic years. There were also plenty of places to park your car along the side of the road, so driving is also a good option.

I hope you enjoy these pictures! Be sure to check out the video footage below that I took as well!
Bookmark this page for your future trip to Shiga! Until then, we’re all in this together! (apart)


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