Seta River and Turtles 瀬田川と亀たち

Hi, Guys!

Now that it’s spring, it’s finally warm enough to go cycling! Thanks to that, I went recently on my first long ride in a long time!

This time, I decided to ride until Omi-Ohashi bridge and, once there, had to choose between going to Kusatsu or Seta.

The winner this time? Seta!

But before I went, Lake Biwa was looking really gorgeous, so I had to take a picture!





In the Seta River area, there are some places with no one around, so you can relax while drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying what mother nature has to offer.

Once again, it was a very delightful and relaxing experience!



After that, I started to ride slowly again around the riverbank until something really caught my attention.

I stopped my bicycle and had a big surprise!


It was a wild turtle!

It was so pretty that I stood there for a while, just staring at that little turtle.

For the first time I was seeing a wild one, so that encounter made me really happy!

After that, I decided to look carefully around the riverbank to see if I could find something else.

The result?



Turtle festival!

It made me really happy to be able to capture that moment in a picture, so it only occurred to me later that maybe they were from an invasive species of turtle. However, I’m not a specialist or anything and I can’t tell for sure, so I just decided to be grateful for that encounter with nature.

This is it for this time’s cycling report!
Thank you for reading!




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