Cycling around Lake Biwa

Biwaichi is a cycling route that consists of going around Japan’s largest lake: Lake Biwa, which is located in Shiga prefecture. At the time I’m writing this, there are only 3 cycling routes that have been recognized by the Japanese government as “National Cycling Routes” and Biwaichi is the longest among them.

Rio Seta e tartarugas 瀬田川と亀たち

Oi, pessoal!
Agora que chegou a primavera, finalmente ficou quentinho o bastante pra sair de bicicleta! Graças a isso, esses dias fiz meu primeiro passeio longo em bastante tempo!

Seta River and Turtles 瀬田川と亀たち

Hi, Guys! Now that it’s spring, it’s finally warm enough to go cycling! Thanks to that, I went recently on my first long ride in a long time! This time, I decided to ride until Omi-Ohashi bridge and, once there, had to choose between going to Kusatsu or Seta. The winner this time? Seta! But…

Shiga vista de bicicleta

Já faz 1 ano e meio desde que vim para a província de Shiga, e o meu meio de transporte favorito quando saio para me divertir por aqui é a bicicleta. Na província, existe para os ciclistas o chamado Biwaichi, que consiste em dar uma volta completa no Lago Biwa, que é o maior do Japão, mas até o momento corri somente partes dessa rota.
Ainda assim, correndo pela vizinhança, atravessando pontes e outros lugares, vou vendo diversas paisagens lindíssimas daqui.

This Temple is NOT IN KYOTO (Hieizan Enryakuji Temple) 比叡山延暦寺

Hey Everyone! I hope you are continuing to press on during this crazy year. 皆さまこんにちは。予断を許さない状況が続いておりますが、元気にお過ごしでしょうか。 Location One of the biggest and most famous attractions in Otsu is the World Cultural Heritage Site, Hieizan Enryakuji Temple. Despite often erroneously claimed otherwise, THIS TEMPLE IS NOT IN KYOTO. I won’t put any specific blogs under fire for…

Sunai no Sato 寿長生の郷

Hey there everyone! This month’s adventure brought Émilie and I to Sunai no Sato, a Japanese sweets & traditional experience attraction in southeast Otsu. Sunai-no-Sato is the headquarters of the Kanou Shojuan brand of wagashi, or Japanese confectionary. The sweets are made completely in-house, from the trees and fruits to the final product. This location…

Omi Jingu Shrine

Happy 2020 Everyone! We hope to make this year our most active yet on this blog! 皆さん明けましておめでとうございます!2020年もよろしくお願いします!今年こそこのブログでもっと活動できるように頑張りたいです! We’re starting off the year the way many Japanese people do, at a shrine! In particular, Omi Jingu Shrine, one of the most prominent shrines in Otsu. 今年の最初の投稿は、日本人がよく年明けに神社でする初詣!今回は、大津の有名な近江神宮に行ってきました。 Omi Jingu Shrine was constructed in 1940 and is dedicated…